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University of Bradford

University of Bradford

About the University of Bradford

With over 22% of our students joining us from 110 countries, we are used to giving newcomers to Bradford a very warm welcome. Visitors to the city often comment on how friendly the local people are, and this atmosphere continues when you get to the university campus. You will find a diverse mix of people from different backgrounds, faiths, nationalities and ages all sharing the closely-knit city centre campus. The mixture of people in a compact space creates a vibrant community atmosphere where people form lifelong friendships with students from across the globe.

The University of Bradford is an ‘old’ university, having received its Royal Charter in 1966, and with origins dating back to the 1860s. Today the University has around 6,800 full-time undergraduates and around 1,600 full-time postgraduates. The University has a close-knit, friendly atmosphere, enabling students to get to know each other quickly. Excellent links with industry, commerce and the public sector mean that many of our courses are practically orientated, incorporating industrial placements, and with excellent job prospects. In addition, many courses are accredited by the relevant professions. The University is based close to the city centre of Bradford and has one main city campus at Richmond Road, with the School of Health Studies a few minutes walk away, and the School of Management two miles away on its own 14-acre campus.

Academic Strengths

Since its early beginnings in engineering and technology, the University has developed new cutting-edge courses in areas such as Peace Studies, Media Technologies, Chemical and Forensic Sciences, Cybernetics, Medical Engineering and Mobile and Satellite Communications. Since November 1999 the University has received six consecutive ‘Excellent’ scores for its teaching quality; with top marks for Peace Studies and Interdisciplinary Human Studies. In the latest RAE (2001) of the University’s subject areas, one area was graded 5*, four graded 5 and a further eight subject areas graded 4. The Bradford MBA is internationally renowned. In the most recent Financial Times index it was ranked in the top ten in the UK and in the world’s top 100. The Masters of Management course at the University of Bradford has been ranked no. 2 in the UK and no. 5 in Europe by the Financial Times (12 September 2005).

In the 2005 Guardian league tables, the University of Bradford has become the 5th best university in the North of England. Furthermore, 16 of our subjects reached a top 20 position in the individual subject rankings, including BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences course which is ranked number 3, after Oxford and Cambridge.


Address Information:

Address Richmond Road, Bradford BD7 1DP, United Kingdom
Admission tel. No. +44 (0)1274 233 081
Admission fax No. +44 (0)1274 236 260
Admission E-mail address
Total No. of students 10,200
Undergraduate Courses School of Archaeological, Geographical and Environmental Sciences

Department of Archaeology
BSc Archaeology
BSc Archaeological Sciences
BSc Bioarchaeology
BSc Geoarchaeology
BSc Forensic & Archaeological Science
BSc Geography and Archaeology
BSc Geography and Environmental Management
BSc Physical and Environmental Geography
BSc Environmental Science
BSc Applied Ecology
BSc Geography and Archaeology
BSc Biosciences
BSc Geography
BSc Science Foundation Year
BEng Civil and Structural Engineering
MEng Civil and Structural Engineering
BSc Water and Land Management

BSc Virtual Design and Innovation
BSc Automotive Design Technology
BSc Medical Technology in Sport
BSc Industrial Design

Electronics and Telecommunications
BEng Electrical and Electronic
MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
BEng Electronic, Telecommunications and Internet Engineering
MEng Electronic, Telecommunications and Internet Engineering

Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
BEng Mechanical Engineering
MEng Mechanical Engineering
BEng Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
MEng Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
BSc Vehicle Technology

Medical and Healthcare Technology
BEng Medical Engineering
MEng Medical Engineering
BSc Intelligent Medical Technology
BSc Clinical Technology

Technology Management
BSc Technology Management
BSc Information Technology Management
BSc E-Commerce Technologies
BEng Industrial Engineering
BEng Engineering and Management
BEng Foundation Year in Engineering

Department of Computing
BSc Computer Science
BSc Computing and Information Systems
BSc Internet Computing
BSc Software Engineering
BSc Business Computing
BSc Multimedia Computing
BSc Computing with Foundation Year

Department of Cybernetics
BSc Animatronics
BSc Computer Systems Administration
BSc Cybernetics and Virtual Worlds
BSc Internet, Law and Society
BSc Medical Cybernetics
Software Development Applications (1 year conversion course, HND top up, will lead to a BSc Hons.)
BSc Information and Communication Technologies
BSc ICT with Law
BSc ICT with Business
BSc ICT with Marketing
BSc ICT with Tourism Marketing
BSc ICT with Psychology
BSc Robotics with Artificial Intelligence
BSc Cybernetics Foundation Year
BSc Science Foundation Year (for Medical Cybernetics)

Department of Electronics Imaging and Media Communications
BSc Creative Media and Technologies
BSc Media Technology and Production
BSc Computer Animation and Special Effects
BSc Internet Product Design
BSc Interactive Systems and Video Game Design
BSc Creative Media Technologies with Foundation Year
BA Digital Media
BA Media Studies
BA Media Studies with Computer Animation
BA Media Studies with Cinematics
BA Media Studies with Digital Imaging
BA Media Studies with Music Technology
BA Media Studies with Television
BA Media Studies with Web Design
BA Computer Animation
BA Design for Computer Games

School of Health
BSc Physiotherapy

School of Life Sciences

Department of Biomedical Sciences
BSc Biomedical Sciences
With Cancer Biology
With Cellular and Molecular Pathology
With Medical Biochemistry
With Medical Microbiology
With Pharmacology
BSc Biosciences
BSc Pharmacology

Department of Chemical and Forensic Sciences
BSc Chemistry with Pharmaceutical and Forensic Science
MChem Chemistry with Pharmaceutical and Forensic Science
BSc Forensic and Medical Sciences
MSci Forensic and Medical Sciences
BSc Forensic Science

Department of Clinical Sciences
BSc Clinical Sciences
Foundation Year in Clinical Sciences / Medicine

Department of Optometry
BSc Optometry

Department of Pharmacy
MPharm Pharmacy (5 years Practice-Integrated)
MPharm Pharmacy
BSc Pharmaceutical Management
BSc Pharmaceutical Science with Law
BSc Science Foundation Year

School of Management
BSc Business and Management Studies
BSc Accounting and Finance
BSc Marketing
BSc International Business and Management
BA Business Studies and Law
School of Social and International Studies

Bradford Centre for International Development (BCID)
BSc Economics
BSc International Economics
BSc Business Economics
BSc Economics with Marketing
BSc Economics with International Relations
BSc Economics with Development Studies
BSc Economics with Sociology and Psychology
BSc Economics with French
BSc Economics with Spanish
BSc Economics with English (EFL)

Department of Languages and European Studies
BA French Language
BA Spanish Language
BA English Language for International Communication (EFL)
BA History (Modern European)
BA History and Politics
BA History with Philosophy
BA History with French
BA History with Spanish
BA French with Psychology
BA Spanish with Psychology
BA English (EFL) with Psychology
BA French with Sociology
BA Spanish with Sociology
BA English (EFL) with Sociology
BA French with Philosophy
BA Spanish with Philosophy
BA English (EFL) with Philosophy
BA French with Crime Studies
BA Spanish with Crime Studies
BA English (EFL) with Crime Studies
BA French with Creative Writing
BA Spanish with Creative Writing
BA European Studies and Law
BA History and Law
BA Politics and Law

Department of Peace Studies
BA Peace Studies
BA Conflict Resolution
BA Development and Peace Studies
BA International Relations and Security Studies
BA Politics and Peace Studies

Department of Social Sciences and Humanities
BA Applied Criminal Justice Studies (with placement)
BA Creative Writing and Identity
BA Interdisciplinary Human Studies
With English
With Philosophy
With Psychology
With Sociology
BSc Psychology and Crime
BA Psychology and Management
BA Sociology and Social Policy
BA Sociology and Psychology
BA Psychology with French
BA Psychology with Spanish
BA Psychology with English (EFL)
BA Sociology with French
BA Sociology with Spanish
BA Sociology with English
BA/BSc Psychology

School of Lifelong Education and Development

BA Community Regeneration and Development
BA/BSc Combined Studies (Foundation Year)
BA/BSc Combined Studies
Foundation Degree in Community Regeneration and Development
Foundation Degree in Community Justice
Foundation Degree in Training and Development
Foundation Degree in Education and Training Policy
Foundation Degree in Enterprise in IT
Foundation Degree in Leadership and Management in the Fire Service

Postgraduate courses School of Archaeological, Geographical and Environmental Sciences (SAGE)

Department of Archaeology
MA Archaeology
MSc Scientific Methods in Archaeology
MSc Archaeological Prospection
MSc Forensic Anthropology
MSc Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigation
MSc Human Osteology and Palaeopathology
MSc Biological Archaeology

Department of Environmental Sciences
MSc Sustainable Development
MSc Environmental Pollution Management

School of Engineering, Design and Technology

MSc Automotive Engineering
MSc Automotive Engineering Quality Improvement
MSc Radio Frequency Communications Engineering
MSc Electrical Engineering with Power Electronics
MSc Personal, Mobile and Satellite Communications
MSc Financial Engineering and Knowledge Management
MSc Advanced Materials Engineering
MSc Wireless Sensor Networks

School of Informatics

Department of Computing
MSc Computing
MSc Software Engineering
MSc Computing and Performance Engineering
MSc Mobile Computing
MSc Mobile Applications
MSc Internet, Computer and System Security
MSc Forensic Computing

Department of Electronic Imaging and Media Communications
MSc Computer Animation
MSc Digital Special Effects
MSc Creative Media and Technologies with Computer Animation and Special Effects
MSc Creative Media and Technologies with Multimedia Systems
MSc Creative Media and Technologies with Software Systems for e-Business and the World Wide Web

MSc Entertainment Technologies School of Life Sciences

Department of Biomedical Sciences
MSc Biomedical Sciences

Department of Pharmacy
MSc Pharmaceutical Services and Medicines Control
MSc Pharmaceutical Management

School of Management

MBA (Master of Business Administration)
MA International Business and Management
MA Marketing and Management
MA Finance, Accounting and Management
MA Human Resource Management
MA Management
European MA International Management
European Management Programme
MSc Total Quality and Performance Management
DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)

School of Social and International Studies

Department of Economics, International Development and Project Management
MSc Development and Project Planning
MSc Project Planning and Management
MSc Economic Policy for Developing and Transitional Economies
MSc International Economics
MA International Development Management
MA Public Policy and Programme Management

Department of Languages and European Studies
MA Interpreting and Translating
MA Interpreting and Translating for International Business
MA European Languages and Cultural Studies

Department of Peace Studies
MA Peace Studies
MA Conflict Resolution
MA International Politics and Security Studies

Department of Social Sciences and Humanities
MA Criminal Justice and Social Diversity
MA Gender and Women’s Studies
MA Social Work and Social Welfare
MA Social Work
Doctorate in Professional Studies

School of Lifelong Education and Development

MEd TESOL and Applied Linguistics
MEd Training and Development (study via distance learning or via distance learning with an option of up to 5 residence visits to Bradford).

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