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University of Central England Birmingham

University of Central England Birmingham


About UCE Birmingham

The Faculties

UCE Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) has a proud tradition of arts education that dates back to 1843. BIAD is the largest centre for art, architecture, design and media education outside London and has 5 campuses in the city of Birmingham.

UCE Business School is a major centre for business, computing and management education. It has a strong regional base and a national and international perspective. With over 4,000 students studying on full- and part-time courses, it is one of the largest business schools in the UK. The Business School offers a comprehensive portfolio of undergraduate, postgraduate, post-experience and professional qualifications in all the main areas of business, computing and management. The research, consultancy and training opportunities which have resulted from such collaborative links with industry form an essential part of staff development and provide evidence of our entrepreneurial and innovative approach.

UCE Birmingham’s Technology Innovation Centre (TIC) is among the UK’s most sought-after technology faculties. It has been ranked among the top ten comparable university faculties in the UK’s authoritative Guardian University Guide. At its Birmingham City-centre campus, tic encompasses some 50 technologies, enabling it to deliver wide-ranging, career-enhancing, postgraduate and undergraduate degree courses.

The Faculty of Law, Humanities, Development & Society (LHDS) delivers high quality courses, research and consultancy in five areas; Law and Legal Studies, Criminal Justice and Criminology, English, including Literature, Linguistics, Drama and Cultural Studies, Housing Studies, Sociology and Policy Studies and Property, Construction and Planning. Their excellent learning facilities, flexible course design and strong team of academic staff combine to maintain their established reputation as a provider of high quality full and part-time courses, research and consultancy activity. Many of their programmes offer vocational and social relevance as well as academic challenge to a wide cross-section of students from a diversity of backgrounds.

UCE Birmingham Conservatoire is based in the heart of the UK’s largest regional city, only a few minutes’ walk from the internationally acclaimed Symphony Hall (home of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra). Students enjoy the use of some of the finest performing and teaching facilities of their kind in the country, including the renowned Adrian Boult Hall, state-of-the-art Recital Hall, three recording studios and a specialised music library with around 95,000 individual scores and parts and 10,000 sound recordings.

The Birmingham School of Acting (BSA) is a leading vocational drama school. They produce up to 16 live public performances, 6 radio plays and short films every academic year. The School is accredited by the National Council for Drama Training (NCDT) who are responsible for ensuring the quality of actor training in the UK, they are in partnership with industry, employers and training groups. BSA are also a member of the Conference of Drama Schools (CDS) who are an organisation representing the leading UK drama schools.

UCE Birmingham Faculty of Health is the largest faculty within the university with nearly 7,000 full and part-time students studying each year and one of the UK’s largest higher education centres for health and social care. Over the years they have developed strong links with NHS Trusts and other health and social care partners and have become the largest provider of qualified staff to the NHS and Social Services in the region.

The needs of children and schools are the top priority of the Faculty of Education. Their courses for intending teachers and serving teachers cover the entire range of school age-phases from infant to continuing education at every study level from undergraduate to PhD. Short courses designed and offered in collaboration with the teaching profession are also a feature of their work.

The University

UCE Birmingham is a university of character and diversity with a friendly atmosphere and welcoming approach. We strongly believe that our most important assets are our students, who come to us from a wide range of cultural backgrounds, age groups and nationalities.

Top new University
UCE Birmingham is the highest ranked new university* with more than 25,000 students and over 300 courses to choose from. A truly global and national University Located within a unique multicultural and cosmopolitan atmosphere, situated in the heart of a vibrant, diverse modern and the second largest city., with Birmingham International Airport nearby and good transport connections to London and the rest of the UK.

International Reputation
Our reputation around the world continues to grow, through our international alliances and our continuingly growing international student community. With a student population coming from over 70 different countries outside of the EU.

Excellent Teaching
Courses are delivered in modern and best facilities at 8 sites across the city. Our art and design, education, music and teacher training rated in the Sunday Times ranking as excellent.

Strong Links with Industry
Strong links with industry and the professions facilitate a highly vocational approach, and many courses include the option of work placements and consultancy projects.

On Going Support
A comprehensive international student Orientation Programme, including Meet and Greet on arrival, an introduction to the University and Birmingham, and a wide range of social activities. A dedicated excellent learning support centre with on-going support throughout the duration of your course. An International Students’ Society, fantastic sports facilities, clubs, and support services.

* Guardian Unlimited 2005

Address Information:

Address International Admissions, International Office, UCE Birmingham, Perry Barr, BIRMINGHAM, B42 2SU, UK
Tel. No. +44 (0) 121 331 5389
Fax No. +44 (0) 121 331 6314
Undergraduate degree programmes
  • BA (Hons) Acting
  • BMus (Hons) Jazz
  • BMus (Hons) Music
  • BA (Hons) Criminal Justice
  • BA (Hons) Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • BA (Hons) Criminal Justice and Policing
  • BA (Hons) Criminal Justice with Psychology
  • BA (Hons) Criminal Justice and Psychology
  • BA (Hons) English and Drama
  • BA (Hons) English Language Studies and English Literature
  • BA (Hons) English Language Studies with Cultural Studies
  • BA (Hons) English Language Studies with English Literature
  • BA (Hons) English Literature
  • BA (Hons) English Literature and English Language Studies
  • BA (Hons) English Literature with Cultural Studies
  • BA (Hons) English Literature with English Language Studies
  • BA (Hons) English and Psychology
  • BA (Hons) Professional Housing Studies
  • BA (Hons) Sociology
  • BA (Hons) Sociology and Policy Studies
  • BA (Hons) Sociology with Criminology
  • BA (Hons) Sociology with Cultural Studies
  • BA (Hons) Sociology with Psychology
  • BA (Hons) Sociology and Psychology *
  • BA (Hons) Town and Country
  • BSc (Hons) Planning and Development
  • BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Building Surveying
  • BSc (Hons) Construction Management & Economics
  • BSc (Hons) Construction Quantity Surveying
  • BSc (Hons) Property & Construction
  • BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying
  • BSc (Hons) Real Estate
  • BSc (Hons) Estate Management Practice
  • LLB (Hons) Law
  • LLB (Hons) Law with American Legal Studies
  • LLB (Hons) Law with Criminology
  • LLB (Hons) Law with Legal Practice
  • LLB (Hons) Law and Practice
  • LLB (Hons) Business Law
  • LLB (Hons) Law with Human Rights
  • BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering
  • BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering
  • BEng (Hons) Management of Manufacturing Systems
  • BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
  • BEng (Hons) Telecommunications and Networks
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Aided Automotive Design
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Aided Design
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Networks
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Networks & Security
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Networks for Business
  • BSc (Hons) Computing & Electronics
  • BSc (Hons) Engineering Product Design
  • BSc (Hons) Film Production & Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Information & Communications Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Interactive Media Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Motorsports Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Music Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Software Design & Networks
  • BSc (Hons) Software Design and Databases
  • BSc (Hons) Sound & Multimedia Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering & Production
  • BSc (Hons) Television Technology & Production
  • BSc (Hons) Health Studies
  • BSc (Hons) Health Studies (Health Development)
  • BSc (Hons) Health Studies (Health Policy and Management)
  • BA (Hons) Business Studies
  • BA (Hons) Early Childhood Education Studies
  • BA (Hons) Early Childhood Education Studies (Top-Up)
  • BA (Hons) Education Studies
  • BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS
  • BA (Hons) Art & Design by Negotiated Study
  • BA (Hons) Fashion Design, course code is different for YR3 entry (AC0351)
  • BA (Hons) Fashion Design (Product Development)
  • BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Retail Management
  • BA (Hons) Fine Art
  • BA (Hons) Interior Design
  • BA (Hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing
  • BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture
  • BA (Hons) Media & Communication
  • BA (Hons) Media & Communication (Culture & Society)
  • BA (Hons) Media & Communication (Journalism)
  • BA (Hons) Media & Communication (Media Photography)
  • BA (Hons) Media & Communication (Multimedia)
  • BA (Hons) Media & Communication (Public Relations)
  • BA (Hons) Media & Communication (Radio Production)
  • BA (Hons) Media & Communication (Television & Video)
  • BA (Hons) Product Design
  • BA (Hons) Product Design (Design in Business)
  • BA (Hons) Product Design (Furniture Design)
  • BA (Hons) Product Design (Industrial Design)
  • BA (Hons) Textile Design
  • BA (Hons) Textile Design (Constructed Textiles)
  • BA (Hons) Textile Design (Embroidery)
  • BA (Hons) Textile Design (Printed Textiles)
  • BA (Hons) Textile Design (Retail Management)
  • BA (Hons) Theatre Performance and Event Design
  • BA (Hons) Visual Communication
  • BA (Hons) Accountancy
  • BA (Hons) Accountancy and Business
  • BA (Hons) Accountancy and Business Law
  • BA (Hons) Accountancy and Computing
  • BA (Hons) Accountancy and Economics
  • BA (Hons) Accountancy and Finance
  • BA (Hons) Accountancy and Information Communication Technology
  • BA (Hons) Accountancy and Management
  • BA (Hons) Adverising and Human Resource Management
  • BA (Hons) Advertising and Business Law
  • BA (Hons) Advertising and Economics
  • BA (Hons) Advertising and Management
  • BA (Hons) Business Administration
  • BA (Hons) Business Studies
  • BA (Hons) Business and Advertising
  • BA (Hons) Business and Business Law
  • BA (Hons) Business and Computing
  • BA (Hons) Business and Economics
  • BA (Hons) Business and Finance
  • BA (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management
  • BA (Hons) Business and Information Communication Technology
  • BA (Hons) Business and Management
  • BA (Hons) Business and Marketing
  • BA (Hons) Business and Public Relations
  • BA (Hons) Business Law and Finance
  • BA (Hons) Business Law and Human Resource Management
  • BA (Hons) Business Psychology and Advertising
  • BA (Hons) Business Psychology and Business
  • BA (Hons) Business Psychology and Human Resource Management
  • BA (Hons) Business Psychology and Management
  • BA (Hons) Business Psychology and Marketing
  • BA (Hons) Business Psychology and Public Relations
  • BA (Hons) Business Studies
  • BA (Hons) Combined Studies in Business (Top-Up)
  • BA (Hons) Economics & Computing
  • BA (Hons) Economics and Finance
  • BA (Hons) Finance and Computing
  • BA (Hons) Finance and Information & Communications Technology
  • BA (Hons) International Business - Yr2
  • BA (Hons) International Business (Top-Up)
  • BA (Hons) International Finance (Top-Up)
  • BA (Hons) International Marketing (Top-Up)
  • BA (Hons) Management and Business Law
  • BA (Hons) Management and Computing
  • BA (Hons) Management and Human Resource Management
  • BA (Hons) Management and Information Communication Technology
  • BA (Hons) Marketing
  • BA (Hons) Marketing and Business Law
  • BA (Hons) Marketing and Economics
  • BA (Hons) Marketing and Human Resource Management
  • BA (Hons) Marketing and Information Communication Technology
  • BA (Hons) Marketing and Management
  • BA (Hons) Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations
  • BA (Hons) Multimedia and Marketing
  • BA (Hons) Multimedia Development and Advertising
  • BA (Hons) Multimedia Development and Business
  • BA (Hons) Multimedia Development and Public Relations
  • BA (Hons) Multimedia Development Management
  • BA (Hons) Public Relations and Business Law
  • BA (Hons) Public Relations and Human Resource Management
  • BA (Hons) Public Relations and Management
  • BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology with Multimedia
  • BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology with Network Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Computing
  • BSc (Hons) Computing with Multimedia
  • BSc (Hons) Computing with Network Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Computing, Business e-Systems and Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Software Engineering
  • BSc (Hons) Software Engineering with Multimedia
  • BSc (Hons) Software Engineering with Network Technology
  • BSc (Hons) Information Technology Management for Business
  • BSc (Hons) Management (Top-Up)
  • Postgraduate degree programmes
  • BA (Hons) Acting
  • Graduate Diploma in Jazz
  • MMus Music
  • PgDip Music
  • LLM Corporate and Business Law
  • LLM International Human Rights
  • Graduate Diploma in Law (CPE)
  • PgDip Legal Practice (LPC)
  • MA Criminal Justice Policy & Practice
  • MA Criminological Research
  • MA Criminology
  • MA Housing
  • MA Literary Studies
  • MA English Linguistics (Distance Learning)
  • MA Spatial Planning
  • MSc Construction
  • MSc International Construction Management
  • MSc Real Estate Management
  • MSc Property Development
  • MSc Automotive Engineering
  • MSc Automotive Engineering Research
  • MSc Data Communications
  • MSc Data Networks & Security
  • MSc Data Networks & Security Research
  • MSc Electronic Commerce
  • MSc Electronic Commerce Research
  • MSc Logistics
  • MSc Logistics Research
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering Research
  • MSc Project Management
  • MSc Software Development & Security
  • MSc Software Development & Security Research
  • MSc Supply Chain Management
  • MSc Supply Chain Management Research
  • MSc Environmentally Sustainable Technologies
  • MSc Environmentally Sustainable Technologies
  • MSc Operations Management
  • PGCE Early Years
  • PGCE Post-Compulsory Education
  • PGCE Primary Education
  • PGCE Secondary Education - Art & Design
  • PGCE Secondary Education - Design & Technology
  • PGCE Secondary Education - Drama
  • PGCE Secondary Education - Mathematics
  • PGCE Secondary Education - Music
  • MA Architecture
  • MA Architectural Studies
  • MA Art & Education
  • MA Design Management
  • MA Event and Exhibition Management
  • MA Fashion
  • MA Fine Art
  • MA Histories of Art & Design
  • MA Interior Design
  • MA International Broadcast Journalism
  • MA Jewellery, Silversmithing & Related Products
  • Grad Dip Landscape Architecture
  • MA Landscape Architecture
  • MA Landscape Studies
  • MA Media & Communication
  • MA Media Enterprise
  • MA Television and Interactive Content
  • MA Product Design
  • MA Surface Design
  • MA Textiles, Fashion & Surface Design
  • MA Urban Design
  • MA Visual Arts: Critical & Contextual Practices
  • MA Visual Communication
  • MA Photography
  • MA Marketing
  • MSc Accountancy & Finance
  • MSc Audit Management and Consultancy
  • MBA Business Administration
  • MBA Finance
  • MBA International Business
  • MBA IT for Business
  • MBA Marketing
  • MSc IT for Strategic Management
  • MSc IT Project Management with International Business
  • MSc Pervasive Computing
  • MSc Management - Business
  • MSc Management & Computing for Business
  • MSc Management & International Business
  • MSc Management and Finance MSc Management and Human Resource Management
  • MSc Management and Marketing MSc Business Creation & Development
  • Accommodation UCE Birmingham has five student residences based at three of its sites: Hamstead Campus, Oscott Gardens, the Coppice, Cambrian Hall and Westbourne Campus.

    Students are given priority in allocation for accommodation for the whole duration of their course. Whilst there are some minor variations on each campus, a typical room is furnished with a single bed, pillow, mattress and mattress cover, curtains, wardrobe, chest of drawers, study desk and chair, easy chair and a mirror. The majority of residences are self catered equipped with an electric cooker, fridge/freezer, microwave, kettle and an ironing board.
    Admission requirements For undergraduate courses, students should be educated to a standard comparable to British GCE 'A' Level standard, such as the Malaysian STPM, Hong Kong Advanced Level Certificate, Botswana Bachelor Degree (Part 1) or Pakistan BA/BSc/BCom (Honours) - second division or above. Some qualifications may enable you to enter a later stage the course, for example directly into Year 2.

    For postgraduate courses you should hold a qualification which is comparable to a British Bachelor's degree. Some postgraduate courses also require you to be above a specific age or have relevant work experience.

    English Language Requirments

    - IELTS: overall band of 6.0 or above for most courses, 6.5 for undergraduate Business top ups and Business postgraduate courses, 7.0 for LLM Corporate and Business Law, LLM International Human Rights and MA English Linguistics

    - TOEFL: paper based 550, computer based 213 for most courses, paper based 575, computer based 232 for postgraduate Business courses, paper based 600, computer based 250 for LLM Corporate and Business Law, LLM International Human Rights and MA English Linguistics

    - JMB University Test: minimum Pass
    - Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English: minimum grade C
    - Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English: minimum grade C
    - GCSE or IGSCE English Language: minimum C
    - BEC Higher: Pass (grades A, B or C)
    - Caribbean Examination Council General Proficiency (CxC): grade I, II or III
    - Cambridge overseas School Certificate: minimum grade C
    - Cameroon GCE O Level: minimum grade C
    - East African Certificate of Education: minimum grade C
    - Hong Kong Use of English Test: minimum of grade C
    - Hong Kong Certificate of Education (HKCEE): minimum grade C
    - Standard XII-Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE): 70-75% in English
    - Standard XII – Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education: 75-80% in English
    - Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE): minimum grade C
    - Malaysian SPM 1119 Syllabus (UCLES): minimum grade C
    - Singapore GCE O Level: minimum grade C
    - Sri Lanka GCE O Level: minimum Credit
    - Uganda Certificate of Education: minimum grade 6
    - West African Examinations Council School Certificate (WAEC SSCS): minimum grade C/6
    - Zambian Secondary School Certificate: minimum grade 6
    - AS Level English Language: minimum grade E
    - A Level English Language: minimum grade E
    - A Level General Studies: minimum grade C
    - Scottish Certificate of Education Standard Grade English: minimum grade C
    - Scottish Certificate of Education-Higher Grade English: minimum grade D
    - Irish Leaving Certificate-Ordinary Level English : minimum grade C
    - Irish Leaving Certificate-Higher Level English: minimum grade D
    - Oxford High Lever Certificate: minimum Pass
    - Warwick English Language Test (WELT): minimum CCC (IELTS 6.0)
    - International Baccalaureate (Higher/Second): minimum 5+
    - Anglia Certificate of Attainment in English (Edexcel): minimum level 4 for UG, minimum level 5 for PG
    Fees Birmingham School of Acting (BSA) - £10,975
    Master of Business Administration (MBA) - £10,300
    Technology Innovation Centre (tic) PG - £10,300
    Birmingham Conservatoire UG - £10,300
    Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) - £8,500
    Business UG and other PG Degrees - £8,500
    Law, Humanities, Development & Society (LHDS) - £8,500
    Technology Innovation Centre (tic) UG - £8,500
    BTEC Foundation Diploma - £5,240
    BTEC National Diploma - £5,240
    FCEAP - £5,240
    5 – week Pre-sessional English - £775 (£550 tuition + £225 accommodation)
    10 – week Pre-sessional - £1550 (£1100 tuition + £450 accommodation)
    Financial Assistance We have the following scholarships for our international students on offer for September 2007.

    UCE Birmingham Institute of Art and Design Scholarships
    Number of Scholarships of £1000 available
    Level: Postgraduate
    Subjects: Architecture, Art, Design and Visual Communication, Fashion, Horology, Jewellery, Landscape Architecture, Media, Multimedia and New Media
    Countries: All

    UCE Birmingham Law, Humanities, Development and Society Scholarships
    Number of Scholarships available with up to 20% reduction off fees
    Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
    Subjects: English, Housing, Law, Criminal justice, Real Estate, Property, Construction and Planning, Architectural Technology, Social Sciences
    Countries: All

    UCE Business School Scholarships
    Number of £1000 and £2000 Scholarships for excellent students
    Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
    Subjects: Accountancy and Finance, Banking, Business Management, Computing, IT
    Countries: Africa, Bangladesh, China, India, Japan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam

    UCE Birmingham Conservatoire Bursaries
    Number of bursaries available for Music applicants awarded following a successful audition. These are normally £2000 for PG and £2500 for UG students. Larger scholarships (up to full fees) to be awarded at the discretion of the Conservatoire.
    Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
    Subjects: All
    Countries: All

    UCE Birmingham Technology Innovation Centre Bursaries
    Number of bursaries for well qualified international students of up to 20% reduction off fees for students
    Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
    Subjects: All
    Countries: All

    UCE Birmingham Loyalty Bursaries
    A loyalty bursary of 15% will be offered to UCE Birmingham’s international graduates continuing onto one of our postgraduate courses. This is also available to students who have successfully completed a National Diploma, HND, Foundation Degree or Foundation Year and progress onto one of our degree courses
    Subjects: All
    Countries: All

    UCE Birmingham Friends and Family Referral Bursaries
    We offer a Friends and Family bursary of 15%. To qualify you must be recommended by a named overseas student who is currently studying here and will be continuing on their course in 2007/08. This person could be a member of your family, a friend or work colleague. Each student will receive a bursary equivalent to 7.5% of the course fee
    Subjects: All
    Countries: All

    Terms and Conditions:
    a) Applicants must be holding an offer and have paid the full deposit (as stated on the offer letter) to qualify for a scholarship or bursary.
    b) Students are only eligible to receive one scholarship or bursary in any given academic year.
    c) The value of any scholarship or bursary will be deducted from the tuition fee at registration. This means that the sum you will be asked to pay will be the equivalent of the international tuition fee (as stated on your offer letter) minus the value of the scholarship or bursary.
    d) The prompt payment discount is deducted after any scholarships and bursaries have been deducted.
    e) Where the tuition fee is paid in instalments scholarships may only be paid pro rata according to the proportion of the tuition fee that has been paid.
    f) Applicants must complete the relevant application form to apply for a Technology Innovation Centre Bursary, Business School Bursary or Friends and Family Referral Bursary.
    g) The Friends and Family Referral Bursary will not be offered to students recruited through bi-lateral arrangements or partnerships with overseas institutions.
    k) All scholarships and bursaries are awarded for one year only. The tuition fee will return to its normal level when you progress onto the next year of your course or transfer to another course.

    5% Prompt Payment Discount
    International students can receive a 5% discount on their tuition fees if they are fully paid by:
    September entry - 1st November
    February entry - 15th March
    April entry - 31st May

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