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About the courses

Changing Your Life
The Business School seeks to enhance business effectiveness and personal development through the integration of education and work, an approach which facilitates personal growth, enhances professional standing and accelerates organisational development in the private and the public sector.

Strategic Business Choices
If you improve your problem solving skills and can make more complex decisions, you will be a better manager. An MBA from the University of Glasgow Business School will strengthen your understanding of the business environment and help to enhance your career prospects. There are integrated core courses which focus on strategic business decision making and you have the opportunity to choose a specialised stream for the six electives and the dissertation topic. For example, elective streams are available in marketing, international business, and public sector management.

Integrated Learning
From your experience, you already know that management is an integrated discipline. We have structured the core courses to reflect this and you will learn how to apply subject disciplines such as economics, marketing, strategy, finance and organisational development in a holistic manner to improve your analytical and decision making skills - the hallmark of the successful business leader.

MSc Management
Launch your career...
In business, to stand still means decline. To keep moving forward, successful organisations constantly review their strategy and managers develop their skills. The University assists them in this process of continuous improvement.

A vital ingredient of this assistance is the provision of business and management education. As a research-led institution, the University concentrates on a relatively low number of carefully selected students. They receive personal attention, have access to advanced research, and exchange ideas with academic specialists.

The MSc in Management enables students with little management experience to develop knowledge and skills of management principles and techniques. To this end it adopts an applied approach, with an emphasis on an informed critical evaluation of information, and the subsequent application of concepts and tools to the core areas of business management. In addition, by emphasising sector specific project work, we believe that we greatly increase the employability of students.

About the University and the Business School

One of the four oldest Universities in the United Kingdom, the University of Glasgow has been an important provider of quality higher education for over 550 years. The University has benefited from association with many important scholars over the years, including Adam Smith, the founder of modern economic science. These relationships have lead to a lasting research ethos, which fosters excellence in the University's Academics and students. The University is a member of the Russell Group of major research-led Universities and a founder member of Universitas 21, an international group of universities dedicated to setting world-wide standards for higher education.

The campus is located in the fashionable West End of the city and the impressive main building, with its Gothic spire, is an important feature in Glasgow. With museums, a cinema and theatre, stunning architecture and nearby parks and gardens, the campus attracts thousands of visitors each year. As a postgraduate student, you will enjoy enhanced access to all of the university's amenities, including excellent sports facilities and dedicated postgraduate accommodation within easy walking distance of the campus. A full range of advisers will support your learning and help you to achieve your career and personal development ambitions.

The connection between the School and the University provides a key advantage for participants here at Glasgow. Our Business School draws heavily upon the research and scholarly traditions of one of the ancient universities of Scotland, providing significant benefits to participants in terms of the learning environment, available resources, support services, and of course, the quality of their contact with lecturers.

Teaching programmes benefit from committed academic leadership, ensuring high standards of business education from academic staff and contributors who have established reputations in their respective fields. The network ties from business and management to other departments and sources of expertise provides access to a rich mix of courses. An extensive options list is available to supplement our core classes, which are distinctive in themselves for promoting an integrated, rather than traditional compartmentalised, approach to business education.

Feedback from participants and graduates emphasises the quality of contact and the developmental opportunities that come from being part of this close knit, research-based learning community. The most significant outcomes are identified, not in terms of particular competencies, skills or prescriptions, but rather in critical and reflective capabilities and capacity to exercise judgement. This is where the added value and indeed, the career enhancing benefits are to be found.

Address Information:

Address University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, G12 8QQ
Tel. No. +44 (0) 141 330 3993
Fax No. +44 (0) 141 330 4939
E-mail address
Course directors MBA (Full-time & Part-time): Pamela Castledine
MSc Management: Dr. Geoff Southern
Courses MBA full-time
MBA part-time
MSc Management
Length of courses Full Time 1 year
Part-time 2 years
MSc Management 1 year
Date of commencement MBA Full or Part-time September
MSc Management September
Class Size MBA Full-time - 35
MBA Part-time - 46
MSc Management - 57
Student accommodation Available on campus
Cost/fees MBA Full Time - EU/UK £12,500 GBP/Overseas £14500 GBP
MBA Part-time - £10000 GBP[£5000 GBP per annum]
MSc Management - EU/UK £8,000 GBP/Overseas £11,000 GBP
Financial assistance MBA (Full-time)
1. AMBA loan scheme for UK students
2. Competitive scholarships for overseas students (contact School for details) MBA (Part-time)
AMBA loan scheme for UK students
MSc Management - Competitive scholarships for overseas students (contact School for details)
Admission requirements MBA (Full-time & Part-time)
  • Good first degree or professional equivalent.
  • IELTS = 6.5
  • Work experience: Minimum of 3 years relevant experience
    MSc Management
  • Honours degree or equivalent
  • IELTS = 6.5
  • No work experience necessary
  • Ratio of National/Overseas students MBA Part Time - 95/05
    MBA Full Time - 20/80
    MSc Management - 20/80
    Ratio of men/women MBA 55/45
    MSc Management 50/50
    Age range MBA 25-45

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