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University of Wales

Aberystwyth: The first University Institution in Wales

  • Aberystwyth Postgraduate Students join a thriving and cosmopolitan postgraduate community.
  • attend a convenient, compact and friendly campus institution in a stunning environment.
  • enjoy access to the National Library of Wales (one of the five great copyright libraries), adjacent to the campus.
  • utilise information services that are among the best in the UK.
  • study in departments that are highly graded for their research and teaching, and are approved and recognised by research councils.

Postgraduate Information

International Students

For over 133 years, the University has welcomed students from across the world. Today, the University is home to over 850 international students from over 90 countries worldwide. The majority of these students are postgraduates, bringing with them a range of different perspectives and experiences, which enrich the postgraduate community at Aberystwyth. Whatever course you choose, you can be assured that Aberystwyth provides you with a high quality education and an opportunity to enjoy a friendly, culturally diverse academic community.

Applying for Postgraduate study

The University considers all applications for postgraduate study on their academic merits. Our assessment of your application will be based upon the information provided in the application form and the references. Please complete the application form as fully as possible. You may also enclose a CV and personal statement and we encourage you to include any other relevant documents to support your application. If you can provide a fax number and an email, these will help to speed up communication during the admissions process.

International Students

Information regarding visas, immigration procedures, health care and welfare facilities, travel arrangements etc. may be obtained from the following website:

Alternatively, please contact the Postgraduate Admissions Office:

Tel: +44 1970 622089

The Language of Instruction

English is the main language of instruction for postgraduate study at Aberystwyth. If your first language is not English, you will need to prove to us that you have sufficient competence in the language to enable you to benefit fully from your studies. The results of any language tests are only valid for 2 years.
Acceptable language qualifications include:

  1. International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  2. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL){Computer Based or Paper Based}

    Qualifications are acceptable only if they were gained in the last two years.

    Subject specific entry requirements are:


Science subjects (general) 6.0 a) 213 & 4.0 Essay Rating
b) 550
MSc Environmental Impact Assessment
MSc Managing the Environment
6.5 a) 237 & 5.0 Essay Rating
b) 580

a) Computer Based Test     b) Paper Based Test

Social Science

Masters in Management courses (SMB) 6.0 a) 213 & 4.0 Essay Rating
b) 550
Social Science subjects (general) 6.5 a) 237 & 5.0 Essay Rating
b) 580
International Politics
Law (PhD, MPhil & LLM by Research)
7.0 a) 250 & 5.5 Essay Rating
b) 610

a) Computer Based Test     b) Paper Based Test


Humanities subjects (general) 6.5 a) 237 & 5.0 Essay Rating
b) 580
Theatre, Film & Television Studies 7.0 a) 250 & 5.5 Essay Rating
b) 610

a) Computer Based Test     b) Paper Based Test

Other qualifications may be considered. Please provide details of any alternative qualification to the Postgraduate Admissions Office in order that an assessment may be made.

Many students prepare for entry by taking an English Language course at our University’s Language & Learning Centre (see Page 14), where they may also take the IELTS examination. We are unable to recognise evalu from other language schools. Please note that you can submit your application before taking your IELTS or TOEFL test.

Living and studying: sources of support

In order to help you to settle to academic work and to provide the support you need to succeed, the University has established a range of services. Each will help you to find the solution to any problem that might arise during your period of living and studying at Aberystwyth.

Academic support is provided for each student by a research supervisor or course co-ordinator. Many departments also have a director of postgraduate studies. Students can also seek advice from the Director of Welfare and the Student Welfare Officer in the Students' Union.

Language and Learning Centre

The Language and Learning Centre provides preparation and continuing language and study support for postgraduate students. Professionally experienced staff work in co-operation with academic departments to ensure students achieve high standards in their chosen subject.

  • Pre-study and English Language courses

    Target English
    This full-time course is designed for students who have not yet fulfilled the language requirements for university entry. Students can join for three, six or nine months in order to increase their English language level before starting their postgraduate degree course.

    Pre-Masters Course in Management and English
    This one-year course prepares students for entering taught Masters courses in the School of Management and Business. It consists of 20 hours per week of English language and management subjects.

    Pre-Sessional Course in English for Academic Purposes
    These summer courses of 3 weeks, 6 weeks and 12 weeks focus on the skills that are required for effective academic writing, listening to lectures and giving presentations.

    The courses also emphasise the cultural and academic adjustments needed for successful postgraduate study in Britain. Students are introduced to the University’s library and computing facilities, and time can be given to the necessary procedures for settling into UK life before the main student group arrives for registration. Many students who have fulfilled the language requirements join the 3- week course for the benefit of the academic and cultural preparation.
  • English language study and support during your studies
    During the academic year, the Language and Learning Centre provides free language and learning support for registered students. This consists of short courses, e.g. study skills, academic writing, language fluency, examination skills, and grammatical accuracy. Writing workshops are offered on a regular basis, where students can obtain individual advice on their work in progress. Personal consultations can also be arranged to help students with particular language and study difficulties.
    The Language and Learning Centre is a registered IELTS testing centre.
  • Accreditation
    The Language and Learning Centre’s courses are accredited by the British Council, English UK, and the British Association of Lecturers in English for Academic Purposes (BALEAP). This is your guarantee of a high-quality programme.

Address Information

Dr Rhys Williams
Postgraduate Admissions Office
University of Wales, Aberystwyth
King Street
SY23 2AX

Tel: (01970) 622270
Fax: (01970) 622921
E-mail: pg-admissions

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