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    English Language School New Zealand

    English Language School New Zealand
    Find English language colleges in New Zealand. Study abroad in NZ and learn English as a foreign language or second language (EFL, ESL). Popular English course:Intensive General English, TOEIC, Cambridge FCE CAE exam preparation classes.
    All students can enter an English Language School or Institute to study General English for as long as they wish. Longer term English programmes with an academic focus, sometimes called Academic English or Certificates of Attainment in English, are for 12 weeks and have 4 or 5 entry dates each year. Many English Language Schools have short term holiday and activity programmes mainly for younger students. General English programmes can be for part-time or full-time (23+ hours per week) study but Academic English programmes are normally only for full-time study. Student visas cannot be issued for part-time study. A suitable English language programme can be found or arranged to suit most requirements.

    Students intending to proceed to secondary school can undertake a General English course or secondary school preparation course for up to 3 months at an English Language School before proceeding to secondary school depending on their English and academic level. Some secondary schools require students to pass an English test before they can be enrolled and these students should attend an English Language School to prepare them for this test. Many secondary schools will accept international students directly and have English language programmes within the school to assist students.

    Students intending to further their study at tertiary institutions can study English leading to the IELTS Test at an English Language School or at a Tertiary English Language Institute.

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